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Welcome to Strategic Offshore Student Placements Ltd
Strategic Offshore Placement limited welcomes you to a world of exciting education opportunities.

Studying at a college or university will be one of the exciting phases of your life as it will lay the foundation for a very successful career, however it is important at this stage to choose the right course, university and country.

International Universities all over the world have a myriad of demands that can be confusing, however our job at strategic is to simplify this process and ensure you select the best fit for you.

Our experience and expertise is the solid foundation that you will need to make these important decision in the next few monthsWe not only guide our clients through the admission process, but we also assist them in visa counseling with a 98% success rate.

Representatives and counselors at our offices at Lagos (Ikoyi and Victoria Island), Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Abuja are eager and available to assist you with any enquiry you might wish to make.

In today′s dynamic world, education is undergoing an incredible change at a very past pace as colleges and universities all over the world are presenting more opportunities to students interested in pursuing a global degree. Students on the other hand are responding to changes in a dynamic world as they understand that in order to keep pace with a competitive workforce they need to choose the right course and career.

Thousands of students travel abroad every year from Nigeria to study. Statisticians in HESA estimates that about 11,135 students got admission into various UK universities in 2006/2007.In 2008, over 28,000 students applied for student visas to study in UK University alone from Nigeria.

The overwhelming demand for higher education abroad is as a result of the limited capacity of Nigeria universities to provide admission for the high demand for quality education.

Strategic Offshore placement is a leading promoter and counselor for students aspiring to study aboard.With over 11 years experience, the main promoter of the company Mrs. Abolaji Osime is well equipped to guide students in their choices with various options of colleges and universities in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Dubai and other countries.